Textil raw materials for carpets producers as well as for production of artificial grass.

We deliver the products directly from producers’ production units to our customers’ warehouses (door-to-door) on FCL basis. On request we arrange LCL (partial) shipments too.

We are not the wholesalers and we don’t sale the products from a warehouse located in Poland.

IMPORT – Yarns and fibrillated tapes from natural and chemical staple and filament fibers for carpets and artificial grass

  • semi-worsted woolen, wool-polyamide and acrylic yarns as well as jute and polypropylene yarns from staple fibers
  • polyethylene filament yarns straight and texturized
  • polypropylene fibrillated tapes

IMPORT - monofilament yarn for industrial end use, producer WETEKAM, Germany

Monofilament yarns made from a wide range of polymers and polymer-blends, such as:

  • polyamide: PA6.0, PA6.6, PA 6.0/6.6, PA6.10, PA6.12, PA12
  • polyester: PET, PTT, PBT
  • polypropylene: Homo-, Copo-, Random-, Cobloc - PP
  • polyethylene: HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, LLDPE
  • elastomere: TPE, TPU
  • special types: PVDF, ETFE, PPS, POM
    Count range: 50 - 220000 dtex
    Monofilament shape: round and others
    Diameter range in round: 0,08 - 6,00 mm

Applications in woven or knitted fabrics for industries/sectors: automotive, cable, technical weaving mills, medical, geotextile, sport, carpet, environment.